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Blue Monday, often dubbed as the most depressing day of the year, can cast a shadow over your spirits. However, there's no need to succumb to the gloom when you can combat it with a burst of vibrancy and style.

One way to do this is by exploring the charm of vintage accessories, such as glasses. Vintage specs don’t only offer practicality, but endless style that’s sure to improve your mood when wearing them - besides, who doesn’t love a little bit of retail therapy to overcome the winter blues?

In this article, we'll explore how the right pair of vintage glasses can be your secret weapon to conquer Blue Monday, offering style tips that are sure to brighten up your day.

The Psychology of Color

Before diving into the world of vintage sunglasses, it's crucial to understand the psychology of colour. Different hues evoke various emotions, and on a day like Blue Monday, choosing the right colours can have a significant impact on your mood.

Bright and warm colours are associated with positivity and energy, making them perfect for lifting spirits during the winter blues. Vintage sunglasses, with their diverse colour palette, provide an excellent canvas to experiment with these mood-boosting hues.

When searching for your perfect pair, look at the colour of the frames and lenses; glasses that incorporate yellows and oranges may evoke feelings of joy, while blues and purples may give you a sense of relief and pleasure, and green is often associated with balance, growth and contentment.

Whilst you should be choosing a pair of sunnies that you find aesthetically pleasing, keep in mind how their colours make you feel before making your purchase.

Beating the Blues: Creativity, Self-Care and the Great Outdoors

If you’re feeling particularly down this January, then fret not - there are many things that you can do to help get you out of the depressive winter slump. Three things in particular that can help include doing something creative, prioritising self-care and getting outside.

Finding and partaking in a creative outlet is a great way to distract yourself from negative feelings and instead promote feelings of positivity and accomplishment. Not only can this benefit your personal life, but creativity is a skill used in many jobs, meaning it can also help you in your professional life.

As for self-care, this is important for combatting the stresses and anxieties of life. In a time when you’re likely to be experiencing financial worry after your expenditures over the Christmas period, stressed about returning to work after the holidays and generally pessimistic at the thought of having to face the start of another year, taking the time to unwind and look after yourself is imperative. 

Finally, spending more time outside has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your mental health. Though it can be easy to get caught up in negative emotions and stay inside (especially with the cold January weather), finding the time to get outside and connect with nature can be the perfect way to boost your mood.

So, how does vintage eyewear fit into all of this? Well, investing in the perfect pair of authentic vintage glasses can be incorporated with all three of these tips.

Looking for a creative outlet? Exploring vintage fashion and curating unique outfits is an effective way to do just that. Similarly, investing in new accessories that make you happy is one example of treating yourself with care and kindness. January may be cold, but it can still be sunny - there’s nothing like a new pair of vintage sunglasses to encourage you to get outdoors!

Choosing the Right Vintage Glasses

Bold Frames, Bright Spirits

Opt for glasses with bold and vibrant frames. Colours like green, yellow and orange can instantly add a touch of playfulness to your look. Look for frames that have a retro flair, such as cat-eye or oversized styles, to enhance the vintage charm.

Tinted Lenses for a Rosy Outlook

Consider sunglasses with tinted lenses in cheerful shades such as rose, amber or a pale blue. These lenses not only protect your eyes from harsh winter sunlight but also add a slight tint to your vision, helping you see the world through a more positive lens.

These rimless Red Rose vintage aviator glasses come with pink lenses to let you see nature through a rosy hue whilst out on your winter walks.

Retro Patterns and Prints

Explore retro glasses with unique patterns and prints. From polka dots to floral motifs, these playful designs can be a whimsical addition to your outfit, turning heads and sparking joy on a dreary Blue Monday.

Translucent Delight

Translucent frames offer a subtle yet stylish way to introduce colour to your looks. Choose shades like aqua, coral or lavender for a soft and sophisticated look that complements various outfits while maintaining a vintage aesthetic.

If you’re looking for the perfect harmony between colour and translucency, then these Elce frames are ideal. Featuring a watercolour pattern, the rims of the glasses are subtly translucent, giving an air of playful sophistication.

Style Tips for Blue Monday

Contrast with Neutrals

Pair your vibrant vintage accessories with neutral-toned outfits to create a striking contrast. A classic black or beige coat, that you’re likely to have in your winter wardrobe, coupled with colourful eyewear will keep you warm whilst making a bold fashion statement.

With a pink frame and blue tinted lenses, this pair of Rodenstock ‘80s sunglasses is an example of the perfect type of sunglasses to pair with your neutral winter clothing.

Monochromatic Magic

Embrace the power of monochromatic dressing by coordinating your vintage glasses with the dominant colour of your outfit. Incorporating various shades of the same colour is a great way to dress colourfully without your individual clothing items appearing incompatible.

This cohesive look exudes confidence and elegance while ensuring your accessories take centre stage.

Layer on the Accessories

Elevate your Blue Monday style by layering on complementary accessories. A colourful scarf, statement earrings or a chic hat can enhance the impact of your vintage frames, drawing attention to your face and transforming your entire ensemble into a fashion-forward celebration of colour.

Mix and Match Eras

Don't be afraid to mix and match vintage styles from different eras. Pair round sunglasses from the '60s with a '70s-inspired coat for a retro-chic ensemble that showcases your eclectic taste and creativity.

There’s nothing like embracing the new year with a throwback to previous eras, combatting Blue Monday with stylish nostalgia.

Day-to-Night Transition

Both prescription frames and vintage sunglasses can effortlessly transition from day to night. Opt for a pair with subtle embellishments or metallic accents that can complement your evening attire, ensuring you shine even after the sun sets as Blue Monday draws to an end.

Online Eyewear: Shop Unique Vintage Frames

Blue Monday may be synonymous with a dip in mood, but with the right approach, it can become an opportunity to express your style and uplift your spirits. Vintage glasses, with their timeless appeal and diverse colour palette, offer a delightful way to combat the blues. By choosing bold frames, experimenting with tinted lenses and embracing unique patterns, you can turn a mundane winter day into a vibrant and stylish affair.

Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression; on Blue Monday, let your style be a beacon of positivity. Whether you opt for a monochromatic look, contrast with neutrals or layer on accessories, vintage sunglasses can be the focal point that transforms your entire ensemble.

So, don't let the winter blues dull your shine - step out in style with the timeless charm of vintage glasses and make a statement that reflects the vibrant spirit within you. Browse our selection today here at Ed & Sarna - we even offer a range of 3-for-2 frames to sweeten the deal!

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