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We know that the perfect pair of vintage glasses is a personal matter. Each of us has a particular style, colour or shape that just fits. At Ed & Sarna, we’re dedicated to making sure that everyone has that perfect pair of sunnies or glasses. All of our designer frames are first hand, deadstock frames which were made between the 1950s and the 1990s, with that timeless aesthetic. 

We specialise in finding those unique vintage sunglasses that you just can’t find in the stores anymore, with gorgeous vintage style eyewear for both men and women in our mens vintage sunglasses and womens vintage sunglasses ranges.




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1 - Choose Your Frame

Find your perfect match from our range of thousands of unworn designer vintage frames. Our latest finds collection is a great place to start.


2 - Decide On Lenses

Customise your frames to match your one-of-a-kind style. We offer optional prescription or custom UV lenses that can be fitted to all our vintage frames.


3 - Enjoy The Compliments

With our vintage frames style is guaranteed. So get ready to be told how great you look by your friends, colleagues and even complete strangers!

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Each pair of our designer eyeglasses are completely authentic, with most manufactured by hand in Europe or America. This ensures superior style and an artisanal quality compared to modern frames which are often manufactured in bulk.

We spend our time travelling across Europe and the USA sourcing gorgeous vintage designer eyewear directly from old distribution firms, manufacturers and antique optometrists. Though we hold our vintage eyewear in the UK, it’s travelled from all over the world to be snapped up by you. Shop these gorgeous designer glasses online for unique style, delivered to your door!


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Make your new designer eyeglasses totally unique to you by adding your own custom UV lenses.

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Designer Frames That Never Go Out Of Style

Rather than rifling through stacks of manufactured sunnies that lack that certain je ne sais quoi, you’re certain to find something special when choosing a pair of designer frames from our selection of 100% authentic vintage eyewear. 

You can try on many of our designer glasses online, so you don’t have to worry about them turning up and not suiting you. Organise an online appointment, or use our virtual try on services, and find that perfect style every time.

Out With The Old In With The New(ish) Vintage Eyewear

All of our vintage designer eyewear frames can be reglazed with a new prescription from just £50! Got an old pair of glasses that you need a new prescription for? Why not let us reglaze them for you. 

Whether you’re after a whole new look, with a pair of oversized Anglo-American frames, or a sleek pair of 90s classic designer eyeglasses, we can customise those for you with your exact prescription.

Our prescription lenses for vintage glasses are perfect if you’re looking for a pair of statement vintage eyeglasses but need a prescription that’s not going to break the bank.

Looking Forward With Vintage Eyewear

Did you know that every time you buy vintage designer eyewear, you’re actually making an environmental statement as well as a fashion statement? Because each pair of designer eyeglasses that we stock is selected directly from old distribution centres, manufacturers and optometrists, we’re bypassing the harmful fast-fashion industry that mass manufactured eyeglasses feed into.

When we select each of our designer glasses, we’re ensuring a little bit of fashion history is kept alive, and avoiding the CO2 and plastic pollution that the fashion industry is so renowned for.

Made Simple

With this many vintage style eyewear frames to choose from, there’s only one problem - selecting your favourite! 

Our vintage style eyewear is a statement, each pair is a unique piece of art that is designed to perfectly frame your own personality. 

But whichever style you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that each of our designer frames are 100% authentic, with that quintessential timeless feel that perfectly crafted vintage items have.