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Celebrating Donatella Versace’s Birthday

  The second of May marks a big day for one particular veteran in the fashion industry: it’s Donatella Versace’s birthday. Versace is a well known name in high fashion,  with their luxury piece’s often gracing the runways of Paris, London, New York and Milan, or being seen modelled by celebrities both on and off the red carpet. It’s not just their signature patterns and bold fabrics that Versace releases; the fashion house has never shied away from the world of eyewear. To celebrate Ms Versace’s birthday, we’ll be exploring her legacy from the start of her fashion journey to...

Celebrate Earth Day with Our Vintage Eyewear Collection

One of the priorities of this Earth Day is to put an end to fast fashion. Read our latest blog to learn about how we’re helping to do just that.

Jazz Up Your Look: Celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month with Retro Glasses

Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month with a pair of glasses inspired by your favourite jazz legends.  Read about the history of jazz and more in this blog.

Retro Rays Await: Save On Vintage Sunglasses for Sunny Days

  The sun is finally starting to peep out from the clouds and the balmy weather is waking from its slumber, which means one universal experience for many of us brits: cracking out the sunnies and firing up the barbecue, of course! Warm, sunny weather is something we certainly don’t take for granted here in the UK, especially with how arguably little we get to enjoy it throughout the year. As such, it’s fair to say that we definitely make the most of it when we do get the opportunity to do so. Whilst it may not feel quite the...

Introducing… Our Exclusive Vintage Eyewear for Pets!

Nowadays, pet fashion is on the rise, with many dressing their cats, dogs and rabbits in stylish little outfits that simply scream ‘avante-garde’ in the pet world. But why stop with the clothing? We think it’s about time that pets get to experience the joy of accessories, too, which is why we’re introducing… our vintage eyewear for pets! If you’re looking to spoil your pet and get them looking as stylish as you are, then keep reading as we discuss the rise of pet fashion and why vintage eyewear deserves a place in the market, along with some advice on...