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The Top 10 Vintage Eyewear Adverts Of All Time

In this blog post, we focus in on the MadMen of the eyewear industry and the pick out some of our favourite vintage eyewear adverts from the 1960s to the early 1990s. Vintage Gucci, Dior and ViennaLine all make an appearance in this retrospective on vintage advertising.

5 Things To Know When Buying Vintage Glasses Online

Searching for a new pair of vintage glasses online can be hard. To know if the frames you fall in love with are going to love you back even harder. We put together this guide to buying vintage glasses frames online so that you can avoid the pains of unrequited love! Here is everything you need to know to find your perfect vintage glasses frame online. 

Best of the Best : Christian Dior

Whilst most people think of the 80s as an endless run of bad fashion choices, think legwarmers, headbands and sweaters draped over the shoulders!! Arguably for Dior the 1980s was their best ever decade.

Game Changers: Cazal

A true legend within the eyewear industry the effect that Carl Zalloni's designs have had on fashion culture is still seen across the world to this day. Find out where it all began in this episode of game changers.

Where to Wear Them : Jeju Island

This is the first of our posts in the where to wear them series, we will focus on places that are dear to our hearts and let you know the best place to see and be seen in your Ed & Sarna Vintage eyewear.