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Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory. They can be added to almost any outfit to elevate it, with most pairs able to seamlessly blend into whatever you choose to wear. Celebrities have always been at the forefront of trends with sunglasses being no exemption. In fact, sunglasses as a casual accessory can actually be linked in origin to celebrities, frequently caught on camera in lenses as they tried to escape the paparazzi.

A surge in retro glasses has occurred in recent years, so read on to find out some of the biggest fashion returns.

Tinted Lenses

The 70s style of tinted lenses is making a big comeback this year. First made famous by stars such as Elton John in the seventies, these glasses are categorised by having a fun tint to the lenses, such as yellow, red or orange. Over the past ten years, they have seen a resurgence, with stars such as Robert Downey Jr and Jeff Goldblum rocking the look but now have reached a younger audience with popular figures like Vanessa Hudgens and Chloe Bailey spotted out in them.

Ed & Sarna love the tinted lenses trend, so we offer custom lenses in a range of different colours. Simply pick the frames and lenses you want, or even pick some lenses and mail an existing pair of glasses to us and we’ll be able to create your perfect tinted lens look.

Vintage Oval Glasses

Another popular vintage style making a comeback just before the summer is oval frames. This timeless look has been worn for decades by the hottest stars around the world. Oval glasses are a great look as they make the lines of the face appear sharper and less rounded, while also being an aesthetically pleasing shape that will go with most outfits.

Oval glasses have been popular in pretty much every decade, so by shopping with Ed & Sarna you can get your hands on retro oval glasses in a variety of great styles.

Cat-Eye Glasses

Probably one of the biggest returns in the sunglasses world is winged cat-eye sunglasses. This small, retro design has been making a huge comeback due to how glamorous they are. Celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra and Rihanna have been spotted in them recently. With cat-eye glasses, you can normally go for two distinct looks. An oversized fit and a small, chic version.

Ed & Sarna Vintage Eyewear has a great selection of vintage cat-eye glasses from a variety of decades and brands.

Oversized Shield Glasses

When sunglasses first started to be used by celebrities, they were frequently worn to avoid the harsh flashes of paparazzi cameras, or to hide red eyes caused by bright lights on movie sets. Retro glasses in this sense were seen as the bigger the better, and the shield style of glasses has continued to this day. Celebrities like the Kardashians are at the forefront of this style returning, and you can barely find paparazzi photos without Kim or Kylie blocking out the UV rays and camera flashes.

Check out our selection of shield glasses here.

Aviator Glasses

Just like when Tom Cruise first donned them in the 80s and they surged in popularity, aviators are making another return to celebrity's faces in 2023. They are a timeless look, with plenty of variation so you can get a specific pair that suits you. Dark, blacked-out lenses are proving increasingly popular, with everybody from Ben Affleck to Jennifer Anniston stepping out in them recently.

Aviator frames are the trend that will never end, so get your hands on some today.

Round Glasses

Last up we have the style first made famous all the way back in the 60s by John Lennon, and then further popularised by figures such as Ozzy Osbourne. We are referring to round sunglasses. Discounted as retro for years, round glasses are staging a comeback. They’re a great look in any colour, with celebs such as Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid frequently stepping out in a pair of tinted round glasses.

Check out our round and circular range of sunglasses here.

How To Pick Your Next Pair Of Retro Glasses

While at the end of the day, it comes down to picking the pair that you like the most, there are a few different elements that you can consider to help you make a decision. And these elements have nothing to do with trends or preferences. It is to do with face shape.

You should consider the size and shape of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and overall face shape when considering what glasses will suit you best. Round faces might compliment larger oversized glasses while oval-shaped faces go best with smooth-lined glasses.

Vintage Eyewear From Ed & Sarna

If you’re looking to fashion yourself after the latest celeb trends, look no further than Ed & Sarna to get your hands on unworn, vintage eyewear from a range of premium brands. Our designer frames cover styles from the swinging sixties up to the nineties, so you can perfectly replicate the styles of these times.

With such a comeback of vintage eyewear on our hands, Ed & Sarna is the perfect place to shop to be in touch with the latest fashion trends as seen on celebrities. If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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