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Ed & Sarna provides genuine vintage designer eyewear, and whilst providing frames from the 1950s through to the 1990s, the service ensures all stock is unworn and authentic. On offer is a range of original and unique eyewear options for both men and women, artisanal vintage designs that were never mass-produced in bulk - the custom for today’s designer eyewear manufacturers.
Models wearing vintage sunglasses
If you’re looking for bespoke eyewear, with prescription or custom UV frames, Ed & Sarna supplies stylish shapes, sizes, and colours for eyewear with a personal and one-of-a-kind quality, wowing everyone you encounter in the process. This blog will take you through the journey of Ed & Sarna eyewear, from the sourcing of original frames to their restoration, as well as how and why vintage designer glasses are so special. Read on to find out more.

The Ed & Sarna Process

Ed and Sarna Originals

Finding Frames

At Ed & Sarna, we source vintage glasses no longer being produced by contacting old eyewear distribution firms, manufacturers, and antique opticians. They are able to sell us “deadstock” of designer brands that might have become rare or unavailable.

Frames and glasses are sourced from all over the world, increasing the range of unique and bold styles available, and whilst factory-built eyewear was introduced in the 1990s, most of Ed & Sarna’s glasses are hand-made. This establishes personal care and attention in the design of the glasses, with added details that result in a truly special and timeless feel.

Ed and Sarna Vintage Sunglasses

Quality Control

Once the sunglasses, glasses and other eyewear have been acquired, we thoroughly check each and every frame for authenticity. After this, we can begin the quality control process, which focuses on finding any signs of ageing by studying the wear on the inside of the frames. Marks can be made and model numbers can be covered, so we check that the frames are in good order in an effort to fully ensure that our eyewear has never previously been worn.
If the frames have warped slightly over time, we ‘square off’ the frames to change them back to their original form through a method of reheating that manipulates the material of the glasses back to new. The hinges are then checked for rusting and to see if they’re functioning correctly, and if these aren’t ‘like new’ or in proper working order, we won’t sell them - a testament to our commitment to providing the best quality of eyewear.

Lens Restoration

After the initial quality control inspection, at Ed & Sarna we re-lens any glasses which have any sort of scratches or marks, and fit UV400 tinted lenses to sunglasses. This is in order to keep up with modern specifications for protection, combining vintage eyewear style with modern sun safety measures. When choosing your eyewear with Ed & Sarna, you are able to add your prescription or change the lenses to a colour of your choosing. Our lenses can come in any strength, including reactor and blue light filters, as well as tinted and anti-reflective lenses.
lenses and glasses
Once a lens is selected, a technician will fit them to your chosen frame through a method of laser-cutting. Our glasses come with a cleaning cloth, a microfibre pouch, and a protective case that keeps them safe during the delivery process.

Why Vintage Designer Eyewear?

Quality And Function

Designer glasses from the 70s, 80s and 90s are special accessories to have and boast a handmade detail that lacks in today's mass-produced eyewear marketplace. There is a bespoke quality to the product that makes them more than a form of sun protection, instead a stylish and unique fashion statement, one that also thrives in functionality. Produced in Europe and America, the materials used in vintage eyewear were of a higher, more expensive quality, making the glasses last longer with no inbuilt obsolescence.
3 pairs of sunglasses
This more intricate and long-lasting approach to quality isn’t found in the modern eyewear manufacturing market. Modern glasses are mass-produced in bulk with low-quality materials and are also manufactured in countries with lenient labour laws, such as China, India, and Turkey. Workers are usually paid very little, maximising profit for the brand, with the fashion companies holding a harmful indifference to tough, some might say inhumane, working conditions. Rather than supporting a fast-fashion industry that significantly harms underpaid labourers, repurposed vintage glasses not only gets you better quality glasses but can also slow a harmful, exploitative manufacturing process.


Vintage sunglasses have a timeless style that evokes a time period and brings it into the present. A vintage designer frame can encapsulate an era and compliment other fashion choices, whether your style necessitates the curved and sepia-toned Eshenbachs of the 70s, or the angular, almost futuristic Carrera frames of the 80s. Wherever your preferences lie, there is a style of frames that has a distinctive era-defining quality that can suit everyone.
Eschenbach and Carrera Sunglasses
Through a service such as Ed & Sarna, you are also able to source specific, limited-edition frames, and have a truly personal pair of sunglasses. Much of our stock has not been available for some time, with unique shapes and sizes that are at the cutting edge of the fashion culture which foregrounds vintage, retro designs, from 90s windbreaker jackets to 70s sunglasses.


Jack Nicholson famously jested “With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60.” Whilst a comment demonstrating a cheekiness typical of the Hollywood acting legend, this quote speaks to a larger truth: sunglasses, and other eyewear, can enhance, compliment, or even transform your personal style and attitude. But not all eyewear has this power. It is only the brands and designs that are unique, bold, and special that have the capability to truly change a person’s style.
Tortoiseshell Frames
It is these pieces of vintage eyewear that stylishly flourish late-20th-century culture, refining celebrity icons and public figures. It is hard to imagine Steve McQueen adorned without his Persol 714 Folding, or Audrey Hepburn without her Oliver Goldsmith Manhattans. Eyewear enhanced and helped define the public image of many celebrities, evoking an effortless style and class.
Vintage designs have bespoke, personal details that aren’t found in today’s eyewear mass-produced manufacturing process. In its design, vintage eyewear can evoke the era of its initial production, in what is a fashion accessory that allows for an escape from the modern technological world into another era.


At Ed & Sarna, we repurpose vintage frames to make stylish eyewear accessories in a sustainable process that establishes a circular economy. Acquiring “renovated” vintage glasses or sunglasses uses existing resources and helps stop plastic from being needlessly wasted within the modern mass-produced eyewear industry. By saving resources, it is important to fully understand and appreciate the existing fashion materials we have, helping the environment as well as refining your personal style.


With Ed & Sarna, you get increased adaptability in choosing and refining a favourite style of glasses, not found in other vintage eyewear outlets. Not only are all of our glasses high-quality and like new, but we can adapt your selected frames entirely to your needs with our lensing and prescription service. This flexibility allows you to fit prescription lenses into 70s sunglasses, for example, or other eras and styles, allowing for lots of customization and refinement.
Cazal Sunlgasses Ed & Sarna Case and Lenses
The pricing is more than reasonable and there is a range of competitive options available at Ed & Sarna, with much more value for money than modern eyewear in both style and quality. Further adaptability derives from Ed & Sarna’s customer care, which can help you select prescription levels, find the correct UV lens, or just learn more about the history behind our vintage glasses. We are a small and friendly team, always on hand and available to answer any questions and help you find the perfect vintage eyewear option, from 70s sunglasses to round frames.

Ed & Sarna

Whether you need prescription or UV glasses, Ed & Sarna is the designer eyewear service for you. Providing authentic unworn frames from the 70s to 90s, we stock hand-made and refined vintage eyewear in a wide range of styles. Our optical service also ensures these vintage glasses are like new and have no previous damage.
Ed, Adam and market stall
With humble beginnings as a market stall in London, Ed & Sarna’s collection of vintage eyewear has grown into the premier online retailer for vintage glasses. We pride ourselves on stocking unique and special eyewear that makes an impact with unique, interesting designs. If you’re interested in any of our products, learn more on our blogs, or contact us today by emailing info@edandsarna.com or calling 0800 0546766.

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