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How To Clean Up Your Sunglasses and Glasses Frames Like A Pro

Eyewear Cleaning Cheat Sheet...

A quick guide to keeping your sunglasses and eyeglasses like new. This guide will help you eek all the extra years out of your favourite vintage eyewear. 

DO Store your eyewear when you aren't wearing it in a hard case and place them upright in the case.
DO Use lens cleaning liquid or lukewarm water with a bit of washing up liquid to clean your frame and lenses.
DO Wash and clean your vintage eyewear regularly.
DO Let them air dry after cleaning.
DO Use two hands when putting your glasses on or taking them off.
DON'T Leave them loose in your bag.
DON'T Leave them out in hot places like a car dashboard.
DON'T Rest the frames on your head.
DON'T Wipe the lenses when they are dry.
DON'T Use window cleaning fluid, spit or vinegar to clean your lenses.


So you've done it, taken the plunge and got yourself an incredible pair of vintage frames to protect your eyes and your street cred. Now is the time to protect your investment by giving your vintage eyeglasses or sunglasses the love and care they crave. All Ed and Sarna Vintage eyewear is over 20 years old or more but if you follow our guide to cleaning and protecting your eyewear they will easily last another 20!


As we only select the finest vintage frames for the Ed and Sarna collection you should find your eyewear to be remarkably hardwearing and forgiving but that doesn't mean you don't have to treat them with care. All our eyewear will be delivered along with a hard shell carry case and microfibre cloth, the case can even be folded flat so there is no excuse not to keep it with you when you are on the move. When you place the frame in the case ensure the lenses are positioned facing upwards as this reduces the chances of them getting scratched as you go about your business. 


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Resting frames on the top of the head when you aren't using them is a sure-fire way to cause frame warping and distortion. As your head is wider there than around your temples this shifts the arms and will lead to a loose fit on your head and nose. So instead of putting them on your head if you need a minute or two without your shades, fold them flat and hook them onto the neck of your shirt. This prevents warping and will give you an alluring air of mystery, OK so only one of those statements is true but it's nice to dream. 

The other super-easy way to keep your frames in great shape is to use two hands when taking them off and putting them back on. This keeps them from getting caught up in hair or the arms flexing out of shape. 

Before we ship out any frames we always check them over and adjust and tighten them so your vintage eyewear is ready to wear. However, with regular wear, it is worth checking if your hinge and temple screws are getting loose and using a micro screwdriver to tighten them up if they need it. 


How to Clean Glasses

If you follow all our advice so far your frames are set to last a lifetime or two. Every now and again though you will end up with some dust, smudges and whoever knows what your toddler has been touching on your lenses and frames. When that happens to you stay calm, prepare yourself some lukewarm water with a little bit of mild, unscented washing-up liquid or specialist lens cleaning fluid then grab your Ed and Sarna microfibre cloth. Gently wipe the frame and lenses with the damp cloth and then leave them out to air dry to avoid brushing any remaining residue across the lenses. 

Make sure you don't use other products like bleach, window cleaning fluid or vinegar as these will remove the anti-reflective coatings and any other protective features of your lenses leaving them irreparably damaged. 


Sometimes even responsible eyewear owners such as yourself might accidentally sit right on your ultra-rare pair of Dunhill's or you might be like me and drive off with your one of a kind clubmasters on the roof of your car! Look, as Forest Gump would say "shit happens!" Don't panic we have your back, send your damaged frames back to us and we will send you out a 50% off code for your next shop for vintage eyewear. 

Now you've read this care guide for eyewear though you don't really have any excuses!  

 Ed and Sarna Vintage Cleaning Kit

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