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Certain fashion icons transcend time, leaving an everlasting mark on the industry. One such star is the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, whose magnetic charm and timeless style continue to influence fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Beyond her dazzling jewels and glamorous gowns, Liz Taylor's eyewear choices, particularly her vintage sunglasses, stand out as a testament to her enduring fashion legacy.

In this blog, we delve into the world of vintage sunglasses, exploring how these iconic accessories can help you channel Liz Taylor's timeless style.

The Allure of Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage glasses have a unique allure that goes beyond mere fashion trends. They represent a blend of craftsmanship, nostalgia and individuality that resonates with those seeking a distinctive style.

Whether it's the cat-eye frames of the 1950s or the oversized, round lenses popular in the 1960s and 1970s, vintage sunglasses offer a connection to the past while making a bold statement in the present.

Liz Taylor's Affair with Eyewear

Elizabeth Taylor, a Hollywood icon known for her mesmerising violet-looking eyes, was no stranger to the transformative power of eyewear.

Throughout her illustrious career, she effortlessly incorporated a variety of vintage glasses into her signature looks. From delicate cat-eye frames to glamorous butterfly sunglasses, Taylor's eyewear choices were as diverse as her roles on the silver screen.

The Cat-Eye Craze

One of the most iconic vintage eyewear styles associated with Liz Taylor is the cat-eye frame. Originating in the 1950s, cat-eye glasses became a symbol of femininity and glamour. Taylor embraced this trend, often pairing her cat-eye frames with elegant updos and bold red lipstick. The sharp, upswept corners of the frames complemented her features, adding a touch of mystique to her already captivating persona.

To channel Liz Taylor's timeless cat-eye style, consider hunting for vintage frames from the 1950s and 1960s. Look for subtle embellishments like rhinestones or unique patterns to capture the essence of the era. These frames can elevate any outfit, giving you a taste of the glamour that defined Taylor's legendary presence.

Oversized Glamour

In addition to cat-eye frames, Liz Taylor frequently adorned herself with oversized sunglasses, a trend that remains influential today. The oversized silhouette not only shielded her eyes from the paparazzi's flashing cameras but also added an air of mystery to her allure.

If you’re looking to channel Liz Taylor's oversized glamour, we recommend seeking out vintage sunglasses with large, round or square frames, and dark, tinted lenses are a must. Pair these statement shades with a wide-brimmed hat and a flowing scarf for a look that exudes old-world charm and sophistication.

Butterfly Breakthrough

Among the myriad vintage eyewear styles, butterfly frames stand out as an enchanting and feminine choice that adds a whimsical touch to any ensemble. Liz Taylor, with her preference for the glamorous and the romantic, was no stranger to butterfly frames.

Characterised by a distinctive upswept shape reminiscent of butterfly wings, this style of frame was a clear favourite of Taylor’s, who was seen wearing them throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. The latter is when they really became fashionable in wider society, and they have remained a timeless classic ever since.

To incorporate a hint of Taylor’s charm into your look, you could explore vintage butterfly frames in lighter hues like champagne or pink, such as the Laura Biagiotti OXSOL V34 114 frames (Liz Taylor herself wore a pair of Laura Biagiotti butterfly frames when visiting the grave of her beloved husband, Richard Burton in 1984), or the Haute Couture 3434-3 frames.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make a bolder statement, then colourful frames, such as the Cazal Mod 166 Col 178, make for an elegant statement that nods to Liz Taylor’s influence whilst expressing your own sense of style.

The flattering silhouette of butterfly frames not only complements a variety of face shapes (offering an especially softening effect for those with square face shapes) but also captures the essence of a past era, allowing you to channel the grace and allure of Liz Taylor's timeless style in a uniquely captivating way.

The Power of Personal Style

Beyond specific frame styles, Liz Taylor's enduring influence on fashion lies in her commitment to personal style. She fearlessly embraced what she loved, creating an eclectic wardrobe that reflected her personality. From diamonds to vintage glasses, every accessory became a canvas for her self-expression - it’s part of what painted her as a fashion icon before there was such a figure in popular society.

Taylor's fashion legacy teaches us the power of individuality, encouraging us to experiment with various frames and find those that resonate with our unique tastes. 

When channelling her timeless style, remember that it's not just about the glasses themselves, but how you integrate them into your overall look. Experiment with different styles, mix and match eras and don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. 

Whether you're drawn to the bold and dramatic or the subtle and understated, the world of vintage eyewear offers a diverse array of options to suit every aesthetic. Embrace the adventure of discovering frames that speak to you, allowing your eyewear to become a canvas for self-expression. In doing so, you not only pay homage to Liz Taylor's timeless elegance but also embark on a journey of crafting a style that is uniquely yours.

Vintage Eyewear

In the world of fashion, few icons exude the timeless allure of Elizabeth Taylor. Her eyewear choices continue to inspire and captivate fashion enthusiasts today. By exploring the cat-eye craze, oversized glamour and butterfly breakthrough that defined Liz Taylor's eyewear style, you can channel her renowned charm and add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your own wardrobe.

Remember, it's not just about the frames - it's about embracing personal style with confidence and grace, just as Elizabeth Taylor did throughout her legendary life.

Let Ed & Sarna help you get started on your journey with our specially curated collection of butterfly frames synonymous with Liz Taylor’s style, along with some unique additions that are ideal for incorporating into the world of modern fashion.

All of our vintage sunglasses are authentic and can be fitted with prescription lenses. Get in touch today to learn more or to seek advice on how to care for your vintage eyewear.

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