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Often mysterious and intimidating, wearing darkened clothing and exuding a menacing aura, many movie villains have attained iconic status, and have a notable part to play within popular culture. Of course every antagonist requires a signature look, and many are known for their ever-present spectacles, sunglasses and eyewear. Though we may not be able to source an exact match, at Ed & Sarna Vintage Eyewear, we’ve committed to one of the largest selections of retro and vintage eyewear available online - so let us guide you through notable baddies from movies and media, alongside their eyewear of choice. 

James Savoy - Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Portrayed excellently by Titus Welliver, viewers encounter the villainous figure of James Savoy early in Transformers: Age Of Extinction, with the villain having lost his sister during the Battle of Chicago five years prior. Seeking to eradicate all Transformers as an act of revenge, Savoy acts as the ruthless field commander to a group of troops. His recognisable shades retain a distinctive matte black frame with red details and lenses, helping to conceal the antagonist’s scheming poker face.James Savoy Terminator Wearing Vintage Oakley Sunglasses

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Agent Smith - The Matrix

A timeless classic within the action and sci-fi genres, The Matrix is as popular as ever in 2023, and one of the movie’s primary antagonists, Agent Smith, is just as menacing. A former agent of the Matrix, this special agent character is not only able to fly, but he is also able to clone himself - posing a constant threat to Neo throughout the trilogy. Rocking a stylish pair of dark black 90s sunglasses, many characters throughout The Matrix franchise can be seen with vintage eyewear on display.

Matrix mens vintage sunglasses with rectangular frames

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Mickey Knox - Natural Born Killers

Portrayed by modern favourite Woody Harrelson, the character of Mickey Knox is hardly a force for good - with the fictional foe enjoying a spree of violence throughout the movie. Directed by Oliver Stone, the plot was criticised by some for an abundance of violence, though Harrelson’s character certainly looks stylish while rampaging through the city. Donning a pair of designer RayBan shades, the bad guy was certainly a fashionable figure, taking a page out of John Lennon’s book.

Closest Match: Rare Finds Benetton 

Terminator - The Terminator

One of the most recognisable characters to ever step foot on the big screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger is cast perfectly in his role of the titular Cyborg Assassin. Released originally in 1984, this thriller sees two opposing factions facing off against each other, and The Terminator’s unforgettable costume wouldn't be complete without the well-known dark shades covering his eyes. A great match for a number of different outfits, sunglasses of this style remain popular to this day.

Closest Match: Lee Cooper Arizona

At Ed & Sarna Vintage Eyewear, each pair of our designer eyeglasses are completely authentic, with most manufactured by hand in Europe or America. This ensures superior style and quality compared to modern frames, which are often manufactured in bulk. Why not contact us today and browse vintage sunglasses or aviator frames online? We deliver directly to your door.

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