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Eyewear has inspired some of the world's greatest, and not so great, minds to muse on the wonders of a perfect pair of frames. In this blog post, we compile a comprehensive collection of some of our favourite quotes about glasses, sunglasses and frames. Let us know which one is your favourite.

  1. Vivienne Westwood - We kick off our list with the Grand Dame of haute couture fashion, ever the rule breaker, Vivienne would not have been able to come up with all of her fantastic garments without the right pair of specs."I can't think without my glasses" Vivienne Westwood
  2. Biggie Smalls - The legendary song One More Chance contains the immortal lines "I'm watching ya, Versace shades clocking ya". It's hard to visualise Biggies without his Versace shades and of course a whole harem.Biggie Smalls eyewear quote
  3. Jack Nicholson - One of Hollywood's biggest legends knows he is nothing without the right pair of shades on! Find a pair to make you who you are from our massive range of over 1000 vintage frames. Jack Nicholson Eyewear Quote
  4. Victoria Beckham - By far the most successful Spice Girl, could it all be down to the way she dresses? Whatever her success is caused by (most likely years of consistent hard work!) we wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.Victoria Beckham Eyewear Quote
  5. Corey Hart - This Canadian crooner might not have been to first to wear shades at night but he was the first to put those words to music. Albeit in a rather strange song about stalking a girl he likes! Not cool Corey! I wear my sunglasses at night Corey Hart
  6. Karl Lagerfeld - This fashion icon may have passed but it is wisdom like this that has cemented his legend! Ok, perhaps it was his eye for design and kingmaker status for supermodels but it doesn't make this quote any less true! Karl Lagerfeld Eyewear Quote
  7. Dire Straits - One of the greatest British bands of all-time. Of course, they found space to include a song referencing sunglasses amongst their pantheon of hits!Dire Straits Quote Eyewear
  8. Kate Moss - Arguably the most iconic supermodel ever - Kate knows the value of the right accessories for your look. Get yourself some Kate-worthy frames from our collection of 80s vintage eyewear.kate Moss eyewear quote
  9. Cari Zalloni - You can't have an article on eyewear without trying to squeeze a section in about Cari. The legend behind Cazal knows it's all about hogging the limelight. Shop our collection of vintage Cazal eyewear here.Cari Zalloni Eyewear Quote
  10. Doutzen Krous - The second supermodel to hit our eyewear quotes list, Doutzen knows that a pair of shades are the perfect solution to jetlag. Is there anything sunglasses are not suited for? Doutzen Krous eyewear quote
  11. Bob Dylan - Who better than Bob to tell it like it is. The Nobel Laureate knows that sunglasses can also help you escape. Bob Dylan Eyewear Quote
  12. Dita Von Teese - Famous for rocking stunning cat eye frames, Dita is a vintage icon for good reason. Be more like Dita and shop our range of vintage Dior frames. Dita Von Teese
  13. Edward Stevens - Time to close off the list with one of our in house mantras at Ed & Sarna vintage eyewear. Want to guarantee you are wearing awesome eyewear? It's easy. Book an appointment with us today. Edward Stevens Sunglasses Quote

That's all for this week's blog but make sure you check out all of our other posts from the Vintage View blog. 

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