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What sunglasses would Biggie Smalls wear? 

This is actually a question we get asked a lot when we meet new vintage lovers at markets and pop-ups events across London. So we have found a few of his favourite frames and put a model to the iconic pic so that you can hunt them down.

Christopher Wallace was born in Brooklyn in 1972 and rose to fame in the early 1990s with the hip-hop classic Ready To Die. Known for his flamboyant sense of style and larger than life persona his sunglasses game was always on point. A massive ambassador for Vintage Gianni Versace much of today's trends for eyewear have their roots in this Brooklyn boys swagger. 

If you watched Netflix's latest documentary special on the life and times of Biggie and want to hunt down a pair of vintage sunglasses to get the look then you have come to the right place!


The Versace 424 Col 852 - One More Chance VideoNotorious BIG in Vintage Versace

Possibly the most famous of all the Versace shades that Biggie wore the Versace 424 frames have an instantly recognisable set of inverted pyramids on the temple which provide the link to the iconic Medusa. He wore these frames in the throne scenes of the One More Chance video. 

The Versace 413A - Hypnotize Video

Biggie in the 413A Vintage Versace from the Hypnotize video

One of the biggest videos of all time when it was made with a lavish budget and lavish shades to match. Once again the Notorious went for Versace to sign off his signature look. 

The Versace T75 Frame - Stage Ready

Biggie Smalls wearing Versace Vintage T74 Sunglasses

When he was looking to perform the Versace shades would be ever-present on the face of the B.I.G. The twisted design of the T75 model would set off his iconic gold Jesus piece. 

So now you know the styles Biggie loved which vintage Versace sunglasses are going to be your ride or die?



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