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close up of sunglasses with an orange tint lens and frame

Spring is finally here! Well… officially, it will be on the 20th of March - regardless, we’re finally leaving the cold and dreary grasp of winter, with blooming flowers, balmy weather and sunshine ahead.

We don’t need any excuse to celebrate the sun being out here in the UK, so get ready to celebrate by cracking out the sunnies and embracing the new season in style - our range of vintage glasses are ideal for your spring wardrobe, with a style to suit anyone.

Read on below as we delve into some of our favourite sunglasses trends for the new season, along with some top tips on how you can find your perfect glasses style match.

Spring Sunglasses Trends for 2024

Playful Tints

With 90s vintage and Y2K being back in fashion, many characteristic fashion elements of these eras lend themselves to the staples of modern street style. Think the return of low rise trousers, cargos and colourful denim ensembles.

In the world of eyewear, one resurgence that can be noted is the comeback of colourful and minimally tinted lenses. This playful-chic aesthetic adds a pop of colour to any outfit, whilst the muted tint adds an element of youth and helps to keep a personal touch when conversing with people whilst wearing such sunglasses.

When it comes to choosing purposeful accessories, it’s clear that playfully tinted sunglasses have been chosen with careful consideration for how they’ll compliment your outfit, yet they still give off an air of effortless taste.

Monochromatic Designs

Colour isn’t exclusive to lenses this spring, with colourful frames also being desirable - especially when harmony is achieved between the two in the form of a monochromatic design.

One style of sunglasses in particular that has not only proven to be popular as of late, but effectively achieves this are translucent frames. Coloured translucent frames that match the colour of their tinted lenses offer a quirky yet minimalist element to your wardrobe.

They are incredibly versatile, as they can be used to add the finishing touch to a bold, completely monochromatic outfit, or as a subtle hint of colour against otherwise muted clothing pieces.

Sustainable Choices

The fashion industry is known for being highly unsustainable, especially with the prevalence of online shopping and widespread consumerism in modern times. Thankfully, many consumers are rightfully taking a stand against fast fashion, instead preferring to make sustainable choices over ones that will have a negative environmental impact.

One of the great ways you can make a sustainable choice when it comes to your eyewear is by opting for vintage sunglasses. Not only do you get to give a retro pair of sunnies a fresh lick of life, but many vintage models are made with quality materials and craftsmanship, meaning they will last you for years to come.

Suit the Season with a Splash of Colour

Known as the most colourful season, spring is the perfect time to inject some colour into your wardrobe, too. If you’re not confident wearing bold colours, or simply prefer a more laid back palette, then accessories are the perfect way to add a sprinkle of colour without being too much.

Pastel shades, especially, offer the perfect median between the bold and the muted. Here are some of our favourite pastel colours to incorporate into the upcoming season.


Many women choose to avoid wearing pink so as to avoid the label of being a ‘girly-girl’ stereotype, however thanks to the success of Barbie last year, plenty more women are now starting to feel more inspired and empowered to wear pink - it really is a great colour (Elle Woods knew what’s up).

Don’t be fooled by the patriarchy, either - men can wear pink too (and they look great in it)!

Not only are there various shades to choose from, but it suits a large variety of skin tones from light to dark and is a great colour for complimenting the surrounding colours of spring - think the green grass, blue skies and yellow daffodils.

These pink beauties from Silhouette fit the bill perfectly, with a soft hue, slight tint and monochromatic design complemented by a touch of gold hardware, these are some of our favourite springtime sunnies.


Orange is one of those vivid colours that can be hard to pair with the right outfit, although recently its unashamed nature has become a symbol of high fashion and luxury. Not only is it the staple colour of renowned luxury brand Hermes’ branding, but fashion magazine ELLE even named it the colour of 2024.

Whether you require prescription lenses or simply choose to wear glasses as a fashion statement, these Paloma Picasso frames with hammer gold detailing are an elegant way to add some orange sophistication to your look.


If there’s one naturally occurring colour in nature that is abundant in the spring, it’s yellow. From the early sightings of daffodils to fields of rapeseed later in the season, seeing yellow all around is a key signifier that spring has sprung.

With golden yellow frames, these sunglasses from Terri Brogan also feature flattering blue gradient lenses; paired with their unique butterfly shape, they simply scream springtime!


A strong contender with yellow for being THE colour of spring, green represents new beginnings, bringing colour back into our lives after the bleak darkness of winter. It’s also left its mark in the world of fashion, being an incredibly popular hue featured in both avant garde and commercial fashion throughout 2023.

We’ve even seen some celebs embrace green on the red carpet this year already - with Taylor Swift donning an eye-catching green number for the Golden Globes and Hannah Waddingham looking stunning in a pastel green gown at the Emmys.

Our favourite green frames of the season are these Sunmodes specs - they’re also a perfect example of some coloured translucent frames.

Finding Your Style Match: Our Top Tips

Finding the Right Colour Match

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of frames for your face, the first consideration you’ll want to think about is what colours suit you best.

One trend that has been going around recently is the concept of colour analysis. The concept of colour analysis isn’t simply a trend, however, but actually works; the process uses the basic principles of colour theory to determine which ‘colour season’ you are -in simpler terms, determining the colours that best suit your natural colouring.

As the name suggests, the colour seasons include:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

These are then split further, with you fitting into either the ‘bright’, ‘true’ or ‘dark’ category of a certain season.

chart visualising which colours match which season


In order to determine your colour season, your skin’s undertones are taken into account, along with your eye colour, hair colour and the contrast between your features. There are many different tools online that you can use to determine your colour season, or you can even pay for a professional colour analysis.

Once you know your season, then you’ll know exactly which colours will suit you best, and can go on to choose the most complementary pair of glasses frames!

Choose Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

The other important consideration to think about is your face shape, as this will help you discern which styles of frames will be most flattering on you.


information on which style of glasses match which face shape

These are generally considered to be the most common face shapes, and the corresponding frames that suit them most:

    • Oval: Generally considered to have well-proportioned features, those will oval faces are lucky, as they suit almost any style of frame; clubmasters are great for creating a balanced aesthetic, while rectangle frames can add a striking angularity that really compliments your softer features.
    • Round: If you have a round face shape, then your features are likely to be less strongly defined, with your forehead and cheeks being a similar width and your chin round, rather than pointed. As such, frames that create an angular effect, such as square or butterfly, are ideal for round faces.
    • Heart: Typical characteristics of heart-shaped faces include a wide forehead and cheeks, then a narrower, pointed chin. The best style of frames for heart-shaped faces are those that soften the chin without emphasising the forehead, such as cat-eye frames or aviators.
    • Square: Square faces tend to be quite angular, with the forehead, cheeks and jaw generally appearing to be the same width. Such faces are effectively softened by round or oval frames.

Embrace the New with the Help of Vintage

Are you counting down the days to the seasons ahead? If so, then welcome it with a new pair of vintage frames. Ideal for spring, our Pastel Collection is sure to have a pair that catch your eye - whether you’re looking for a pair of playfully tinted sunnies that match your colour season or some classic and subtle everyday frames that suit your face shape.

Here at Ed & Sarna, all of the glasses we have to offer are genuine, never worn designer deadstock, so you can rest assured that not only are you making a sustainable purchase, but you’ll be investing in a unique pair of frames unlikely to be found elsewhere!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we do.

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