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Love is timeless, and so is the quality and style of a perfect pair of sunglasses. Throughout history, power couples have captivated the world not only with their extraordinary love stories but also with their iconic styles, oftentimes defined by the sunglasses they wear.

From the political elegance of JFK and Jackie to the rebellious spirit of Kurt and Courtney, these couples have left an undeniable mark on the world of eyewear fashion. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the love stories and fashion legacies of some of the most iconic couples in sunglasses.

Vintage Sunglasses: A Subtle Way to Match Your Partner

Every now and then, you may see a stylish couple walking hand in hand down the street and think, ‘they look great together’. These couples are able to look well-put together, coordinated and effortlessly cool, without wearing identical outfits - something which would instead be met with some raised eyebrows.

One of the best ways to coordinate effectively with your partner is through your choice of accessories, such as sunglasses. Vintage sunglasses can add a subtle yet effective final touch to any outfit, with different frames complementing one another to create a cohesive couple look whilst still adhering to each of your individual styles.

Read on below as we discuss some famous couples throughout the years who are known for rocking some iconic pairs of sunnies.

John & Yoko: The Peaceful Revolutionaries

No discussion of iconic couples would be complete without mentioning John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Their love was a powerful force that transcended boundaries, and so was their impact on fashion.

The legendary round glasses that John often sported became synonymous with the couple's avant-garde and peace-promoting image. Meanwhile, Yoko's range of minimalist to futuristic sunglasses perfectly complemented their message of love and unity. This power couple not only left a mark on music, but on the world of eyewear, continuing to inspire generations to embrace unique and unconventional styles.

These oversized Cazal unmarked frames are a great representation of the oversized style often donned by Yoko Ono throughout the years, while these round Carrera Sunjet frames are synonymous with the round lenses often associated with John Lennon’s vintage sunglasses.

JFK & Jackie: The Epitome of Elegance

In the 1960s, President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy were the embodiment of sophistication and grace. Their love story, often dubbed as Camelot, was a beacon of hope and inspiration.

As style icons, their influence extended to the world of sunglasses. JFK's classic wayfarer sunglasses painted him as a fashionable, charismatic figure rather than simply one with presidential authority, setting a trend that continues to endure today. Jackie's oversized frames, on the other hand, became a symbol of her elegance, forever influencing the fashion choices of women around the globe.

Kurt & Courtney: Grunge Glamour

The 1990s brought forth a different kind of love story, one defined by rebellion and a raw, unfiltered edge. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, the power couple of grunge, were prominent both in the world of music and fashion.

Kurt’s famous red-framed, round, oversized sunglasses became a symbol of the grunge movement, reflecting the couple's anti-establishment ethos. Courtney, with her bold and daring style - oftentimes complemented with a pair of all black cat-eye frames, further solidified their status as fashion trailblazers, leaving a lasting impact on the eyewear choices of the '90s youth.

Posh & Becks: The Glamorous Duo

As we fast forward to the turn of the millennium, David and Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh and Becks, emerged as the epitome of glamour and sophistication.

Being the most notable footballer to branch out into the world or pop-culture, David was the revolutionary force that bridged the gap between football and brand deals. Coupled with Victoria’s status as ‘Posh Spice’ in the world’s biggest girl band, the two quickly made a recognisable brand out of the ‘Beckham’ surname after their marriage, notably through their seamless transition into the world of fashion. Both stylish in their own right, the couple were quick to become fashion influencers with their impeccable taste.

David's sleek and modern sunglasses choices complemented his suave image, such as a simple pair of gold aviators like these Hilton frames, while Victoria's oversized, fashion-forward shades became a must-have accessory. Posh and Becks have influenced couples worldwide to coordinate their styles, establishing themselves as a formidable force in the world of celebrity fashion.

One particular style Victoria has been known to wear on multiple occasions (and subsequently popularise) is shield frames. If you’re looking for some full-coverage frames akin to those worn by Victoria, then we think these vintage Coca Cola sunglasses make for the perfect homage.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne: The Rock 'n' Roll Love Saga

In the realm of rock 'n' roll, few couples have achieved the level of iconic status as Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. Known for their unfiltered personalities and undying love, the Osbournes have been a force to be reckoned with since the early days of Black Sabbath.

Ozzy's signature round glasses, often tinted in mysterious shades, have become synonymous with his enigmatic persona. Sharon, a powerhouse in her own right, has been seen rocking various styles from simple, dark clubmasters to lightly tinted, sleek aviators, showcasing a versatile and trendsetting style that fits in with her rock-chic aesthetic.

Together, their dynamic personalities and shared love for eccentric fashion have influenced a generation of music enthusiasts and fashionistas alike, proving that love, when coupled with an unapologetic sense of style, can transcend both time and trends.

Impact on Eyewear Fashion

These influential pairs not only captured the hearts of millions with their love stories, but also shaped the course of how eyewear is incorporated into everyday fashion. The sunglasses worn by these power couples became symbolic, influencing trends and inspiring designers for years to come to create eyewear that captures the essence of love, rebellion, elegance and glamour.

From the peacefully rebellious spirit of John and Yoko to the timeless elegance of JFK and Jackie, the impact of these iconic duos is palpable in the wide array of sunglasses available today.

Embrace Vintage Eyewear with the Icons Edit

Love, as they say, is blind. However, when it comes to iconic couples in sunglasses, love is anything but blind; it is visionary and trendsetting. From the groovy '60s to the grunge-filled '90s and beyond, the love stories of these couples have left an imprint on the world of fashion along their journeys of shaping history.

As we continue to evolve, it's clear that the influence of these legendary duos will forever be reflected in the styles we choose to adorn our eyes, making every pair of sunglasses a testament to the timeless power of love.

You and your beaux can now embrace the power of eyewear, too, thanks to our specially curated collection: the Icons Edit. Whether you’re inspired by the fashion-forward style of Posh and Beck’s or the refined elegance of JFK and Jackie, you can channel these powerhouse duos and be the fashionable couple everyone else will envy.

Shop the collection today, and don’t forget to check out our custom lenses whilst you’re at it, so you can personalise your frames with your favourite tint to match your style. As always, get in touch with any queries and we’ll be happy to help you.

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