10 Polarised Grey Base with Silver Mirror
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Customise any of your Ed & Sarna Vintage eyewear purchases with these CR39 UV400 Polarised Grey Base Lenses featuring a Silver Mirror tint. Base 6 Lenses.

UV400 Polarised Grey Base lenses with silver mirror effect. 
Polarising effect 
• The polarising filter eliminates reflections created by highly reflective surfaces. 
• Ideal for water and snow sports, fishing and driving.

UV filter category: 3 
Visible light transmission: 13% 

Regular price £120.00

You can add this to any purchase of frames and we will fit these into your frame before sending out to you. Please be aware this adds an additional 5 working days to your order processing, we think the wait is worth it to get your unique look.

* Please note lensing costs are non-refundable as these are custom orders on request. *

Filter Types:

Select the best type of filter for your glasses - we can even tailor these to your prescription!

0: Super light Light tint sunglasses with very limited protection from sun glare - Visible light transmission 80%-100%
1: Light Light tint sunglasses with limited protection against sun glare - Visible light transmission 43%-80%
2: Medium General purpose sunglasses with good protection against sun glare - Visible light transmission 18%-43%
3: Dark General purpose sunglasses with high protection against sun glare - Visible light transmission 8%-18%
4: Very Dark Very dark special purpose sunglasses with very high sun glare reduction - Visible light transmission 3-8%