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Happy Easter! We hope you’re tucking into a chocolate egg as you’re reading this (and are very jealous if you are)! Whilst nowadays we typically associate Easter with chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and, well… simply more chocolate, it still remains a significant religious holiday on the Christian calendar.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a more traditional focus for this year’s Easter article; one thing we have been pondering amongst ourselves is, what vintage eyewear would Jesus have worn? Well, after some collaborative thinking, we’ve got the answer for you!

Read on to find out which styles of specs we believe Jesus Christ would have rocked the hell out of.

Eyewear During 27-30AD

Whether you’re religious or not, many historians have come to the consensus that Jesus did, in fact, exist. Whilst there remains dispute on the truthfulness of many of the Biblical stories associated with Jesus, evidence does suggest to academics that he was a real man that existed 2000 years ago.

So, what was the eyewear like in these times? Well… as far as we know, practically non-existent. With that being said, knowledge on different aspects that play a part in the design of glasses today was still noted down, and there is also evidence of eye protection being used in some cultures.

For example, the inuit people of the Arctic are credited with the creation and use of the world’s first example of sunglasses. For over 2,000 years, they have used snow goggles to protect their eyes from snow glare; these were typically crafted from bone, leather or wood (and later out of walrus ivory) and feature two tiny slits to see out of, all whilst protecting the eyes both from the glare of the sun on the snow and the harsh, cold winter conditions.

As for glasses used to improve sight, whilst these were not yet a thing in such times, there was knowledge on light refraction, myopia (near-sightedness), presbyopia (farsightedness with age) and the use of glass for magnification purposes - all of which are involved with the creation of the glasses we wear today.

Symbolic Styles Fit for Jesus

So since Jesus obviously never wore glasses, we have to use our imagination to guess what style of specs he might’ve chosen. We’ve suggested our thoughts below…

Round Frames

When we think of round frames, our first thoughts immediately go to John Lennon and his small, circular frames. Thanks to Lennon, this style of frames has since become associated with the peace movement in the 70s, often worn by those who were free-spirited, connected with nature and anti-violence.

With all of this in mind, we can’t think of a more fitting pair of frames that would be perfect for Jesus! Jesus always preached a simple life that valued helping others over personal gain, to love thy neighbour and to display an appreciative attitude towards nature - all sentiments synonymous with the peace movement.

Jesus wearing round clear glasses

Looking at a style of round glasses we think Jesus would gravitate to, we think a simplistic yet sophisticated pair of wire frames, such as these Lozza glasses are a perfect representation of what he might have worn, mirroring his teachings of humility and simplicity.


As an individual who travelled on foot day after day, Jesus was, by definition, a true wayfarer. There is a stretch of land named the Jesus Trail starting in Nazareth and ending in Capernaum, which refers to the 40 mile hiking and pilgrimage route that is supposedly the route Jesus himself may have walked on his journey of preaching, connecting many key sites from his life and ministry.

As for wayfarer sunglasses, these were originally designed and manufactured by the luxury sunglasses giant, Ray-Ban. This revolutionary design gained significant traction, with key figures in pop-culture being seen in these shades, from James Dean and Buddy Holly to John F. Kennedy and Billy Joel.

As the ultimate wayfarer, it’s only fitting that Jesus would have worn this style of glasses, not only to help guide him on his biblical journey, but to protect his eyes from the hot Middle Eastern sun. Furthermore, just as the popularity of wayfarers soared after their initial release, Jesus, too, found popularity - one that remains strong, even today.

Jesus wearing wayfarer sunglasses

We think this enchanting pair of vintage Safilo wayfarer sunglasses would have resonated with Jesus. With a soft peach brow bar and thick arms, they are an understated yet attractive and sturdy pair of frames, ideal for long journeys in the sun.


Another vintage Ray-Ban creation, the clubmaster design, also referred to as ‘browline’, of glasses is characterised by a thicker frame across the brow area of the glasses, with either no or very fine wiring around the lower circumference of the lenses.

An elegant design that can be dressed up or down, these frames have remained in style throughout the previous few decades, despite fashion evolving and changing around them. A similar sentiment could be attributed to Jesus, with many people continuing to remain loyal devotees to his life and teachings.

You could even say that Jesus is a clubmaster himself of sorts, being the leading figure of Christianity - a religion that undeniably has a mass following. Even during his time, he was the leader of his 12 disciples.

Jesus wearing clear clubmasters

Giving an air of intelligence and sophistication, these tortoiseshell Gianni Versace browline frames would look great on Jesus, in our opinion.


Jesus is very much considered to have been a protector and a leader by many individuals, as reinforced by the biblical tales of his generous behaviour - healing people’s illnesses, feeding the hungry, teaching his disciples to help others and more.

Originally created for and associated with pilots, the timeless aviator style of sunglasses offer the perfect design to symbolise a sense of authority and protection that aligns with Jesus’ role as the people’s guardian.

Jesus wearing aviators

With a minimalistic tortoiseshell design and gold detailing, we believe these Hilton aviator sunglasses would really paint Jesus as the leader he’s seen to be, whilst matching his look and complexion perfectly.

Why Jesus Would Have Worn Vintage

Choice of Materials

There are many reasons why we believe Jesus would have worn vintage eyewear over contemporary pieces - reasons why you should also consider choosing vintage.

Firstly, is the choice of materials used in many vintage articles. Many genuine vintage glasses have been made using materials such as metal or acetate, whereas a lot of modern glasses are produced using cheap plastics.

Whilst acetate is also considered a plastic, it’s cellulose-based rather than petroleum-based, which offers more environmentally friendly production and disposal options in comparison.

As someone who frequently referenced nature-based metaphors in his parables, Jesus would definitely have preferred the use of sustainable and recyclable materials over those that were harmful to the environment.

Quality Craftsmanship

With the rise of fast-fashion and a throwaway culture, many modern glasses and sunglasses are mass-produced using poor construction techniques and cheap materials. As such, they’re low-quality and easily break.

In comparison, vintage items were often handmade and done so with plenty of care and attention to detail. This makes them incredibly durable and long-lasting, something we think Jesus would have greatly appreciated.

Sustainable Nature

Vintage glasses are sustainable by nature simply by being vintage. Rather than investing in today's throwaway culture, buying vintage accessories instead gives old items a new chance at life, saving them from going to waste where they can negatively impact the environment.

As someone who believed that the earth was created by God and should therefore be protected, Jesus would fully support this type of sustainable commerce.

Shop the ‘Holy Collection’ this Easter

Whether it's round frames symbolising humility or aviator-style sunglasses representing authority, the choices of vintage eyewear pieces are as diverse as the interpretations of Jesus' teachings themselves.

We’ve put together our Holy Collection to narrow down these choices for you, inspired by the frames we think Jesus would have worn. If celebrating Easter with a chocolate egg isn’t for you, then celebrate with a new pair of vintage frames, instead!

Shop the collection today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to enquire about fitting your choice of frames with prescription lenses.

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