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Nowadays, pet fashion is on the rise, with many dressing their cats, dogs and rabbits in stylish little outfits that simply scream ‘avante-garde’ in the pet world. But why stop with the clothing? We think it’s about time that pets get to experience the joy of accessories, too, which is why we’re introducing… our vintage eyewear for pets!

If you’re looking to spoil your pet and get them looking as stylish as you are, then keep reading as we discuss the rise of pet fashion and why vintage eyewear deserves a place in the market, along with some advice on choosing the perfect frames for your pet.

The Rise of Pet Fashion

If there’s one market that has grown significantly over recent years and is expected to continue doing so, it’s pet fashion. In fact, the market for petwear is predicted to reach $7-8 billion (£5.5-6.3 billion) by 2030, having been valued at $5.98 billion (£4.7 billion) in 2023.

Pet clothes have been around for a long time, with certain breeds of different species requiring them on a functional level. For example, coats for greyhounds have been around for years to keep them warm in the winter months, when they’re more susceptible to the cold due to their thin layer of fur and lack of body fat; similarly, sphynx cats are susceptible to the cold, so benefit from wearing jumpers.

The market has since evolved to include pet clothes for a wide range of pet species and breeds. With the high level of regard and affection we hold for our pets, it’s no surprise that people are not only willing, but happy to spend their money on garments for them.

Whilst this has been a fast-emerging trend over recent years, it isn’t a wholly new sentiment - in fact, some of the first examples of an animal being considered a pet and being dressed can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians revered cats, believing they possessed a divine energy. As such, royalty and the wealthy would adorn their feline companions in gold and jewels to honour them.

Nowadays, there is much more of a focus on functionality when it comes to petwear, with a focus on cleanliness, protection and comfort for your pet, although style is still heavily considered alongside this.

Why Choose Vintage Eyewear for Your Pet?

With the market expanding so rapidly, there are many innovative ideas to be had in order to find a place in this increasingly competitive sector. That’s why we think pet accessories are the niche to focus on next - and vintage eyewear, in our humble opinion, is the perfect example of what the market is missing.

Even when buying for your pet, sustainability remains important - just as it does in all areas of e-commerce and general consumerism. If you’re willing to buy the best for your pet, then why not ensure you’re doing so in a way that also benefits the earth? Such as: shopping vintage!

Not only does it look incredibly stylish and cute seeing your pet wearing specs, but they still offer a practical purpose. Just as you wear glasses to protect or help your eyes, the same functionality is offered to pets.

For example, ageing dogs can suffer from a loss of vision the same way humans do, so a pair of prescription glasses could allow them to enjoy their vision in their old age as they always have done, ensuring they enjoy their favourite views even in their twilight years.

Similarly, many pets are frequently outside, whether your cat’s bathing in the sunshine, your dog’s out on a walk or your rabbit’s hopping about in its hutch; in particularly sunny conditions, we’re sure they’d also appreciate some eye protection from the sun’s blinding rays!

Of course, animals tend to be rather active, which is why it’s important to invest in a pair of durable frames. Vintage frames fit this criteria perfectly, thanks to their quality craftsmanship that withstands the test of time, unlike the cheap, plastic composition of many modern frames on the market today. Not only that, but these one of a kind pieces are as unique as your pet is.

Choosing the Right Frames for Your Furry Friend

Now that you can see why vintage glasses are a great fit for pets, how do you go about choosing the right frames for your companion?

Well, similar to when you’re choosing frames for yourself, there are certain considerations that you can make with your pet in mind. For example, consider your pet’s:

  • Size
  • Head shape
  • Fur texture
  • Colour
  • Eyes
  • Personality

If you have a smaller pet, such as a rabbit, then you may consider opting for a smaller style of frame, whereas larger pets could get away with more oversized styles. Similarly, if your pet has a smaller or slender face, then this should be accounted for in your choice of glasses for them.

In terms of style, the colour and texture of your pet’s fur can determine what will look best on them, as will the colour and shape of their eyes. Keeping this in mind allows you to choose a style that complements their natural beauty and adorable qualities.

Lastly, don’t forget your pet’s personality! Are they playful and energetic, or reserved and elegant? Different shapes and colours can really reflect the character of your pet, so bear this in mind if you’re looking to find the right pair of vintage eyewear that truly matches them in all aspects.

Still stuck for inspiration? We’ve listed some examples of different styles of frames to suit different pets below for inspiration.

Our Collection: Stylish Frames for Every Pooch and Purr

Round Frames for Bunnies

With their petite heads, long ears and silky soft fur, we think bunnies look best in a delicate style of frame that doesn’t overwhelm their petite faces. Round glasses are ideal, as the lenses compliment a rabbit’s softness, while the dainty frames fit their faces nicely.

Bunny rabbit in round sunglasses

We also think some playfully tinted lenses could greatly enhance the natural beauty of your bunny, with orange tints complementing brown tones whilst blue tints look great against cooler grey and white toned fur.

Bunny rabbit in round sunglasses

These blue Fiorucci metal round frames would be the perfect fit for your bunny - or you, if you want to match!

Cat-Eye Frames for Felines

What’s the perfect style of frames for cats? Well, cat-eye frames, of course! They are the inspiration behind this iconic style’s name, afterall. Their upswept shape really accentuates the natural, enchanting shape of feline eyes, making your cat appear even more elegant.

Glasses with a simple black frame look best in our opinion, as they allow the brilliance of your cat’s big, bright eyes to shine through. These vintage 90s frames from Theo are the perfect example.

Aviators for Dogs

Regarded as man’s best friend, our precious pooches are fiercely loyal and always ready to embark on adventures with confidence. In our opinion, the best style of frames to represent this is the classic aviator.

Golden retriever in aviator sunglasses

This style would look particularly effective on long-haired breeds with floppy ears, such as Bernese mountain dogs or golden retrievers. Aviator frames commonly come with polarised or mirror-tinted lenses, so consider which would look best on your dog, along with which is most fitting for the environment you typically go on walks in.

Bernese mountain dog in aviator sunglasses

These Gianfranco Ferre aviators are the epitome of sleek, with fresh purple flash lenses to protect your dog’s eyes whilst incorporating that element of chic.

New and Exclusive Pet Collection

Are you feeling inspired to accessorise your pet in quality vintage glasses? We’ve got you covered with our brand new and exclusive Pet Collection!

Just in time for the first of April - as in, April fools…

Yep, we’re sorry - we couldn’t resist! Our glasses are very much for humans, but you can still shop our Pet Collection in honour of your furry friend and treat yourself to a new pair of vintage frames.

By all means, you can still feel free to (very carefully!) take a picture of your pet trying on your frames and share photos of them looking absolutely fabulous - don’t forget to tag us!

As always, if you have any other queries about our products or services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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