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The sun is finally starting to peep out from the clouds and the balmy weather is waking from its slumber, which means one universal experience for many of us brits: cracking out the sunnies and firing up the barbecue, of course!

Warm, sunny weather is something we certainly don’t take for granted here in the UK, especially with how arguably little we get to enjoy it throughout the year. As such, it’s fair to say that we definitely make the most of it when we do get the opportunity to do so.

Whilst it may not feel quite the same as the tropical warmth associated with the Mediterranean or Caribbean, the UV rays can still cause damage to your eyes if you don’t keep them protected, which is why it’s important that you invest in a reliable and quality pair of sunglasses to have on hand ready for the sunny season ahead.

Keep reading as we delve into what makes this the perfect time of year to find yourself a new pair of sunglasses, what’s on trend for the season and why you should invest in vintage.

A Brief History of Daylight Savings

Whilst the days are naturally getting lighter and warmer as we embrace the heart of spring, there is one practice that helps to give that extra boost of sunshine we get to experience in the day, and that’s daylight savings time (DST).

We’re sure you’re well aware of how daylight savings works - the clocks go forward an hour in spring (on the last Sunday in March) and back again an hour in autumn (on the last Sunday of October). But, why is this done and how long has it been done for?

The reason for altering the clocks in this way is to make better use of the available daylight in the summer months. So, when the clocks go forward, there is an extra hour of daylight gained in the evenings and one less hour of daylight in the mornings.

However, because the sun tends to rise so early in the morning during the summer, this doesn’t have a significant impact for the large majority of people, who will still likely get to enjoy the sunlight when waking for the day. Thus, the amount of daylight you experience from morning till night is maximised.

This was especially useful back in 1916, when the practice originated, as this was a time when resources were limited, thus households were able to save energy by reducing the amount of coal consumed throughout the day. It was also beneficial to season-dependent farmers that would use every hour of sunlight that they could to work - without having to wake quite so early.

There are approximately 70 countries that participate in daylight savings, although this figure used to be double - many countries have since abolished the practice. As for when it began, the first country to adopt DST was Germany, with the UK following in their footsteps only a few weeks later.

In recent years, there has been various controversy over whether or not DST should be scrapped. In fact, the EU did officially vote to remove mandatory DST in 2019 (although the kinks are still being smoothed out on that one). As for the UK, well, no such plans have occurred - it seems that daylight savings is staying for a little while longer, yet!

Prescription Sunglasses: What’s on Trend?

Have you got your sunglasses ready for the summer? Now is the time to do so, if not. Of course, it’s important to know the trends for the season before choosing your signature style of frames for this summer!

If there’s one trend in particular that is sure to help you make a statement, it’s colour. Fashion from the ‘90s and ‘00s has seen a huge revival in popularity recently, which includes the playful incorporation of colour into various accessories - glasses included.

If you’re looking for a simplistic style with the hint of a tint - a style that was widely witnessed throughout the era - then these Red Rose aviator frames will be right up your street. Quite literally offering you a view through rose-tinted lenses, they are the perfect colour for the season.

For those of you looking to make more of a statement, then consider these Caviar Collection sunglasses. With cross-hatched pattern frames and electric blue mirror lenses, they certainly are a statement pair of sunnies.

Vintage Resurgence

As we mentioned, there has been a revival in fashion from previous eras, particularly ‘90s and Y2K styles. However, the resurgence goes much further than that, with vintage being the new modern.

There are more and more vintage clothing stores cropping up in major cities throughout the UK, stocking a range of vintage clothing articles for those who are environmentally conscious and are looking to shop more sustainably.

Of course, with the rise of social media and mass-spread communication across the internet, more and more people are involving themselves in eco-friendly narratives. Naturally, this has resulted in the practice of buying vintage clothing becoming organically more popular.

What’s more, as more and more people have been seen wearing vintage clothing, this has naturally had an effect on the trending styles of accessible clothing seen on the market today. Many new designs released by popular clothing brands feature certain elements that are highly reflective of previous eras.

Whilst people shopping such styles brand new from a fast-fashion market isn’t ideal, it has, at the very least, helped to spread awareness of vintage popularity as an alternative way of shopping.

If you’re looking to take your first steps on such a journey, then shopping for vintage accessories is a great way to start. Not only do you get to find statement pieces that are highly unique, but you’ll be making a worthwhile investment that will last you years to come - all with the benefit of a reduced carbon footprint!

Where to Find Vintage Sunglasses?

Whilst you may want to start shopping for vintage eyewear and understand the benefits of doing so, how do you actually go about finding somewhere to invest in genuine pieces?

It’s all about finding a trustworthy supplier.

Firstly, there are a number of considerations you should be aware of when looking for vintage glasses. The first is authenticity. When buying a pair of glasses listed as a genuine vintage pair, then you want to ensure that they are, indeed, genuine. If in person, ask the supplier if they are able to provide a certificate of authenticity.

Going hand in hand with authenticity is reputation. A supplier is much more likely to be selling you genuine vintage stock if they are reputable. Businesses with a well-established local or online presence and customer base are much more likely to be trustworthy than those that seem rather lacking.

Another trait you’ll want to look out for is expertise. A company that is able to show concise knowledge and understanding behind vintage eyewear, such as the brand, era and model of the different glasses that they stock, further enhances their image as a trustworthy supplier.

Sustainable Online Eyewear

Taking all of these considerations into account, it’s natural that you won’t necessarily find a reliable vintage eyewear supplier near you. Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet - and you can definitely source your vintage pieces online!

Here at Ed & Sarna Vintage Eyewear, we specialise in vintage frames. Our frames are all sourced directly from old distribution firms, manufacturers and antique optometrists. They are also never worn deadstock - it’s important to understand that this is different from second-hand.

Second-hand frames refer to those that have been worn by a previous owner. As for new old stock, this refers to frames that have not been pre-owned by another customer - meaning the frames are brand new, just simply vintage, which offers you the best of both worlds!

All our frames are fit with lenses that comply with all EU safety regulations, so you can rest assured that our sunglasses will offer you sufficient protection from UV rays.

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