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At Ed and Sarna vintage we love all the aspects of the vintage eyewear industry. Whilst we could wax lyrical about the merits of eyewear produced in the valleys of Cadore or the developments of lensing techniques over the last few decades, in this post we are going to focus on the visual arts. We get almost as passionate about some of our favourite vintage ad campaigns as we do about finding vintage designer eyewear for our store. 

Vintage 1980s Yves Saint Laurent Advert

Christian Lacroix Vintage


Whilst the young Yves Saint Laurent learnt his craft from Christian Dior, it was when he founded his eponymous label that it was finally honed and reached its peak. We love this 1980s advert for YSL frames using a model playfully dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. 

Vintage 1980s Carrera Eyewear Advert

Vintage Carrera Eyewear Advert


We love this vintage early 80s Carrera advert that shows all the dreams of an 80s man reflected within the rims of his Optyl aviator sunglasses. Whilst these ideals may not have aged so well the frames look better than ever!

Vintage 1990s Gucci Eyewear Advert

Vintage Gucci Eyewear Advert


This early 90s vintage Gucci eyewear advert is a perfect image of the design houses mantra of classic Italian style. The black turtlenecks draw the focus towards the traditional round frame.

Vintage 1990s Paloma Picasso Advert

Vintage Paloma Picasso Advert


This vintage Paloma Picasso advert showcases the playful style of 3734 design with golden ball design on the arms. Also, she is noticeably one of the very few designers to front their own adverts.

Vintage 1980s Christian Dior  Advert

Vintage Dior Eyewear Advert


Christian Dior vintage eyewear is coveted the world over for their style and this advert plays with that theme with the image of prying eyes through some vintage blinds.

Vintage 1980s Cazal Advert

Vintage Cazal Eyewear Advert


I love this vintage advert for just how retro it feels today with the hair and leather jacket there is a lot going on but, as always, the Cazal frames will be the star of the show.

Vintage 1980s ViennaLine Advert

Vintage ViennaLine Eyewear Advert


This vintage ViennaLine ad eschews the need for a model and focuses on the natural colours that inspired the frame.

Vintage 1980s Silhouette Advert

Vintage Silhouette Eyewear Advert


A label formed out of a desire to break from the formalities of eyewear, this advert gets a place in the list for the power dressing main model. The shoulder pads and perm might not be making a big comeback soon but those funky butterfly-shaped frames certainly will. 

Vintage 1960s Riviera Sunglasses Advert

Riviera Vintage Sunglasses Advert


Riviera revolutionised the eyewear game in the 1960s with their flashes of colour and hand-painted frames. Much of modern women's eyewear designs will have found their origins within a vintage Riviera eyepiece.


So you've taken a look through some of our top vintage advertising picks of all-time. Let us know which one is your favourite and why? 

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